Provo Predators Hockey Team Gears Up for Exciting Season Ahead

August 23, 2023
Press Releases

Provo, UT – August 23, 2023

As the Provo Predators hockey team prepares to embark on a highly anticipated season in the National Collegiate Development Conference (NCDC) West, the coaching staff took some time to reflect on their recent training camp and share their insights on the upcoming challenges and successes.

Head Coach Ray Tremblay emphasized the competitive nature of the NCDC West, saying, “After wrapping up our training camp last week and reflecting back, some of my key takeaways are just how good the NCDC West is going to be this year. It was very competitive, and the players made our jobs as coaches very difficult, which is a good thing.” Tremblay also expressed his satisfaction with the mix of veteran presence and promising young talent within the team.

General Manager, Nick Dreyer echoed Tremblay’s sentiment regarding the team’s young talent, stating, “The biggest takeaway for me personally is that we have some really good young talent. We felt like we did a good job drafting and recruiting, but we were very impressed with the talent level of the guys in person.” Dreyer stressed the importance of building on this foundation of talent and fostering a strong team culture.

When asked about the leaders for the upcoming season, Head Coach Tremblay emphasized the importance of character, saying, “We not only brought in talented hockey players, but we also brought in good people with solid character as well.” He expressed confidence that the team’s strong character would help them overcome the inevitable challenges that arise during a season.

GM Dreyer identified the 2003-born players as key leaders, stating, “We are really going to be leaning on our ’03s to step up and help our younger players learn how to be a pro both on and off the ice.” Dreyer also highlighted the valuable experience that the team’s veterans bring to the table.

As the Provo Predators gear up for the 2023-24 season, both coaches had messages for the team’s dedicated fanbase. Head Coach Tremblay had an enthusiastic message for the fans in Utah County: “Buckle up, it’s going to be a fun season. The level of play in the NCDC West is much higher than the Premier hockey that was played here last year. We have a great group of players that are proud to represent Provo, and get ready to jump out of your seat. I can’t wait.”

GM Dreyer shared their vision for the style of play the team aims to deliver, saying, “Ray and I want to play an exciting brand of hockey that competes hard and pushes the pace of play for 60 minutes. We want our guys to be role models for the quickly growing youth hockey population in Utah County and provide them with a product that they are excited to come watch on Friday and Saturday nights.”

With the coaching staff’s confidence, a talented roster, and a commitment to an exciting brand of hockey, the Provo Predators are poised to make waves in the NCDC West and provide fans with thrilling games throughout the upcoming season.Tickets on sale now, JOIN THE HUNT